Visual Storytellers

We strategise & create
persuasive sales presentations &
pitch decks
that distills your value proposition &
tells your story.

(Made in PowerPoint)

Are your presentations too wordy?

👈 Create the WOW factor

Are your presentations too outdated?

Modernise it  👉

(Made in PowerPoint)

(Made in PowerPoint)

Are your presentations lacking a clear story?

👈 Use Visual Storytelling

How will you stand out?

Dynamic 👉

(Made in PowerPoint)

Crystal Clear Messaging +

Visual Storytelling =

Memorable & Persuasive Sales Presentations

👎 Before & After 👍

100% in PowerPoint

We understand, our clients are busy presenting, winning deals & raising captial - by having a platform where you can control final changes.

“The Unspoken Pitch helped extract the key information of our business and present ideas in a new light.”

Richard M.

CEO - Engage & Grow

“I recommend Scott and The Unspoken Pitch to people who need to communicate technically complex subjects and bring along senior executives to a point where they are informed to make the decision”

Errol K.

Director - Evolve

“I would recommend The Unspoken Pitch to people who need help in formulating and communicating their sales message in a clear, simple and succinct graphic/diagrammatic way that cuts through the noise in the marketplace.”

Michelle S.

Director - Zone Culture

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